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Office Cleaning Services In Sydney,NSW

RD Commercial Cleaning Services clean Office, Carpet, Windows, and Floor. We know how important it is to have a clean and tidy working environment. That’s why we recruit all staff to meet the high standards.

R.D Cleaning Services is the foremost provider of corporate office cleaning services in the City and with repute for quality we offer a full office cleaning and janitorial service to the general public and the corporate world. We ensure the complete contentment of our customers.

By establishing best cleaning practices, we can clean your offices in the most inexpensive means possible. Cost effective office cleaning does not mean cheap office cleaning, discounted office cleaning or cut rate office cleaning, it means cleaning offices in the most cost effective and economical means possible. We don’t provide the most lucrative office cleaning possible by cutting corners, we provide inexpensive office cleaning by not cutting corners and cleaning offices right the first time.


  • Clean door inside and out
  • Organize magazines
  • Dust and clean coffee table
  • Vaccum and organize chairs
  • Wipe down reception desk
  • Wipe down filling cabinet
  • Wipe down phone
  • Vacuum floor
  • Dust computer
  • Wash baseboard
  • Dust pictures
  • Empty rubbish


  • Dust and wipe down desks
  • Dust and wipe down tables
  • Dust computer
  • Dust keyboards
  • Dust and wipe down chairs
  • Dust cabinets and bookcases
  • Clean glass
  • Dust pictures
  • Wipe down phone
  • Empty rubbish
  • Vaccum and mop the floor


  • Wash dishes
  • Clean sink
  • Wipe down bench tops
  • Wipe down microwave
  • Clean appliances
  • Wipe down sills
  • Wipe down mop/vacuum/ sweep the floor
  • Clean out fridge
  • Wash walls
  • Empty Rubbish
  • Wash baseboards
  • Clean Outlets
  • Empty rubbish


  • Shower screen and floor
  • Toilet to be cleaned
  • Extractor fan to be cleaned
  • Bath to be cleaned
  • Mirrors to be cleaned
  • Any cupboards or fixtures and fittings to be cleaned
  • Shower head to be de scaled
  • All skirting to be dusted and marks wiped off
  • All Windows inside and doors to be cleaned
  • Light fittings to be dusted and or wiped clean


  • Water plants
  • Clean windows
  • Vaccum blinds
  • Clean sills
  • Change water in vases
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Sweep porch
  • Dust pictures

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