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Commercial Lawnmowing Services

It is best to impress your clients and customer from entrance of your premises with great and impressive gardening and lawn. It can lift up their spirits and create a favourable impression.

RD cleaning services specialises in lawn mowing and gardening for commercial grounds or compounds. We take care of factory grounds, parks, schools grounds and compounds, colleges & universities grounds & compounds, hotel and resort gardening or anywhere there’s grass that needs a cutting!

RD cleaning’s gardening & lawn moving services broadly covers several small commercial premises, middle and large that requires specialised lawn mowing equipment. If you are looking for the most experienced commercial lawn mowing services providers in Sydney, NSW and RD cleaning is the best choice.

RD gardener takes care of all probable possibilities when they are handling your commercial lawn and at affordable prices. Some of them are listed below:

  • Mowing of grassed areas
  • Maintaining the car parks and path
  • Trimming of plants
  • Applying fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides to the plants
  • Supply and planting of shrubs and flowers
  • Pruning of trees, shrubs and bushes

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