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Virus Sanitation Services

Building Management

Remove Rubbish Every Week

  • Disinfectant Bins Area
  • Mop The Garbage Floor Every Week
  • To remove rubbish once in a week (if have to go second time in a week will charge extra)

Daily Cleaning Services (7 Days a Week)

  • Clean Front Entry
  • Clean Front Entry Door and reception area
  • Vacuuming of Common area floor coverings
  • Mopping of common area hard floor surfaces
  • Clean inside windows, window frames, sills, ledges
  • Clean all electrical sockets and switches
  • Fire stair cleaning
  • Clean lift on daily basis
  • Weekly mop all car parking area
  • Pickup rubbish every day
  • Dusting, lights fitting cleaning and replace lights if required (to replace lights we will be charged extra)
  • Dust remove from all surfaces
  • Clean common area furniture if present
  • Weekly bins wash

Concierge Manage (5 Days in a Week, Time: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM)

  • Assisting residents
  • Providing local knowledge to residents
  • Booking taxis
  • Making reservation for residents
  • Assisting residents with luggage
  • Referring residents to cleaning services
  • Opening doors
  • Access Control
  • Calling the lifts
  • Maintain daily occurrence book (Maintain database of tradespeople and contractors)
  • Maintain safety of premises and personnel
  • Maintain the move in and notice daily
  • Maintain key log
  • Produce weekly concierge report
  • Maintain parcel log
  • Keep track of visitor parking
  • Raise the alert if any situation poses a potential threat to property or residents
  • Handle cash, such as deposits for removals

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