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R. D. Cleaning is an Australian registered business that provides cleaning services to commercial and residential properties within the Sydney metropolitan area. R. D. Cleaning has been providing commercial cleaning services, residential cleaning services and specialized cleaning services giving complete satisfaction to our clients based across Sydney.

Our main clients include

  • Government Agencies Commercial
  • Strata Manager
  • Businesses (including Small, Medium & large organizations)
  • Real Estate Agencies and Property Management Companies
  • Individual Home Owner

We organize and provide regular cleaning services to commercial properties such as offices, recreation centers, schools, restaurants, supermarkets, retail outlets and more.

Equal Employment Opportunity


R. D. Cleaning is an equal opportunity employer. We do our best to ensure that in the adherence to all policies, practices and procedures, no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, language, culture, marital status, age etc. takes place and that all staff enjoy equal access to opportunities. Our basis of employment decisions will be the individual merit of employees i.e. qualifications, experience and ability to perform the job well.

Our Cleaning Teams


Our human resources team recruits and trains energetic individuals to provide commercial cleaning services on an on-going basis. We only select people who can meet our standards and are able to deliver a quality cleaning service. Our staffs are trained in-house and police cleared before we put them into jobs. For your peace of mind, our cleaners are fully covered by comprehensive public liability and workers compensation insurance.

Environment Friendly Cleaning Products

Environment friendly cleaning products help improve indoor air quality and reduce the health problems that traditional products cause. As such, we continually educate our cleaning staff on the most effective ways to perform their jobs while protecting the environment. We actively use Research Cleaning Products that are Human and environment friendly.

Complaints and Resolution

If you feel that you have a legitimate dispute during interaction with us or over the services we provide, please contact us on 0423 727 063 or email support@rdcleaning.com.au. We will do our best to resolve your issue at the first point of contact. You can expect our frontline staff to do all in their power to resolve an issue in the first instance.


Privacy Policy

R. D. Cleaning is committed to safe guarding the privacy of your personal information. We collect your personal information only for the purposes of providing you with personalized cleaning services and for billing purposes. We may use the information you give us to personalize and customize your interaction with our staff, provide you with cleaning advice or deliver to you information regarding the services we provide. We ensure you that the information would never leak out and be used for unfair practices.

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